Research plays an important role in all of my projects and approaching ideas with an open mind is critical to determining the content and medium for each particular piece. I am not shy to explore and experiment with new materials, in fact I readily welcome a new challenge and opportunity for growth. My works tackle subjects from social political concerns, to issues dealing with identity, and historical events.

As a multi media artist I am inspired by my surrounding environment and the complexities of our social, economic and spiritual experience. From metal casting to fabrication, painting in oils to acrylics, digital arts and installations my subjects have lead me through an exploration of a wide range of mediums and materials.

Currently there are two series which I am working on, one focuses on gaining attention to the plight of impoverished and abused children titled “Donde Jugaran Los Ninos?” while the other is an exploration of my indigenous roots; a banished history that I am piecing together through my art one work at a time. I invite you to peek into the my world by approaching my works with an open heart and mind allowing each piece to speak to you in a reflection of your own personal experience.